Mouthguards for treating snoring

The proper name for these devices is 'mandibular advancement splint' (MAS) or 'mandibular advancement device' (MAD). We will call them mouthguards for simplicity.

What are they?

There are many varieties of mouthguards available for treating snoring. They have the following features in common:


What do they look like?

The SomnoGuard AP (before and after moulding):
SomnoGuard AP SomnoGuard AP

The SomnoGuard AP can be adjusted to vary the jaw position:
SomnoGuard AP


What do they feel like to use?

Most people find that the mouthguards feel rather bulky in the mouth at first, but otherwise comfortable on the teeth. It typically takes two or three weeks to get completely used to the sensation of having the mouthguard in the mouth.

Since the mouthguard is bringing the jaw forward, most people have some discomfort after the first few nights of use. The teeth and/or the jaw joint may be sore in the morning, but this normally resolves after breakfast. The discomfort usually becomes less with each passing day.

Do they work?

The SomnoGuard mouthguards have been demonstrated to be effective in clinical trials. In the linked study 68% of people were significantly improved. This percentage is about the same as for the expensive custom-made mouthguards.

This means that the less expensive SomnoGuard mouthguards are a great option if you would like to try a mouthguard, but don't want to spend the money on a custom-made device until you know whether or not mouthguards will work for you.

The following recommendations are from Deeper Sleep customers:

"Having used the SomnoGuard for some time now, I can say I have noticed that I wake feeling refreshed, and ... well ... so does my lovely lady, who now also gets a full night's sleep.
NOW I know why she was always grumpy in the morning, and why I had bruised ribs! :-D"
- Ian Bond, Paynesville, Victoria

"I had been a long term snorer but did not really know just how bad I was until I started recording myself. The reasons for my tiredness (and frustrated partner) soon became evident so I started on my quest to find a cure. After much homework, including seeing a doctor, I found Graeme and SomnoGuard !! From the very first night I wore the guard I stopped snoring and my much relieved partner tells me it’s the best money I have ever paid for any product in my life!! I sleep better, feel better, think better, due to the more healthy sleep I am getting every night.
From me and my partner... Thanks Graeme for your great customer service and SomnoGuard AP for a great nights sleep."
- John of Victoria

"Having been a long time snorer, I sought medical help via a sleep trial. Upon getting the results back, I was informed that I had only a mild sleep problem (REM to be more specific) and was instructed a mouthguard would "more than likely" alleviate my symptoms. Not wanting to spend over $1000 dollars to a professional dentists for something they "may" work I come across the SomnoGuard AP. I found it very simple to mould, with a clear and concise DVD for instructions and more importantly it has eliminated my snoring problem, which, is not only a great for me but a great relief to my wife."
- Jason B

"My husband now reports that my snoring does not disturb him so I am very pleased indeed. It took a bit of getting used to but I will be using the mouthguard [SomnoGuard AP] on a permanent basis. It would seem that the tests bear out my thought that the weakness in my throat is caused by my stroke and the natural ageing process. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend you and your products to anyone requiring treatment of this nature."
- Helen Halliwell

"After many years (7) of using 3 different types of expensive mouthguard appliances to treat my snoring and sleeping disorder I stumbled upon the Somnoguard AP appliance while surfing the internet and contacted Graeme immediately. I have been using this appliance for about 2 months now and I think it is brilliant.
This product is the best by far that I have used,  is reasonably priced and what I particularly liked is that it is essentially a DIY thus avoiding the need to make appointments with a Specialist Orthodontist, have several fittings involving time off work (not to mention the expense) and wait anything up to 6 weeks for supply. Then if they fail, as in my experience they almost always do so you are again waiting for an appointment, more fittings, supply problems etc etc. Not so with the Somnoguard AP.
In my dealings with Deeper Sleep I have found them, courteous, professional and offer extremely fast and efficient service. Within 24 hours I had my appliance, 15 minutes to fit after reviewing the instructions and helpful CD, and off to bed for a great night sleep.  I sleep easy now knowing that if it fails for whatever reason then within 24 hrs I would be able to get a replacement.
At every opportunity I sing the praises of this product to all and sundry and would have no hesitation in recommending Graeme and this great product to anyone that suffers from snoring or sleep disorders. I am quite sure that it will not suit everyone or every situation but give it a go – you never ever know you may find this simple fix may resolve your problems."
- Michael Thomas, Hurstville Grove NSW

"I've used a custom designed device, (very expensive), a European device using rubber bands as tensioners, (cheaper but much less effective), and now the Somnoguard AP, which is inexpensive and still very effective. It's a high quality device. If you want to wake up without the tired brain/tired body syndrome then give this a try."
- Phil D.Coburg Vic

"I found the SomnoGuard AP sleep device to be very effective in eliminating my snoring problem. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with similar sleep conditions to mine."
- Laurence M. Roels, Oberon